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The Wild Wests: Easy Rider

The Wild Wests - 2

Easy Rider -Adriana French

Rodeo Champion Ryder West is known around these parts as Easy Rider, the best man to break a stallion. The ladies love his prowess in the saddle for an entirely different reason and he's happy to oblige, but life gets a little complicated for Ryder when the one that got away returns.

Emma Lockhart has his blood pumping heat again, and oh, Ryder’s happy to give her ride after ride, but this time the ride won’t be so easy. Once he gets her in his saddle again, he never wants her to leave.

Saddle up, Sugar. The cowboy-cavemen are back. Just like his brother Chase, Ryder is a possessive, growly cowboy. A type *A* male to the nth degree.

Expect course language, graphic, steamy situations and insta-love. This is safe with no cheating and a happily ever after. Grab the reins, let’s saddle up with an Easy Rider.

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