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Adriana French
~The Hot Sheet~

Welcome, my fellow Hot. A.F. Alpha Cowboy Lovers!

If I’m a new to you, I write hot A.F romance (see what I did with my initials, there?)and specialize in panty melting Alpha Cowboys! All my stories are standalone reads, so you can pick up any one of my books, in any order, and dive in! Each complete story centers around one couple’s romance and their happily ever after.

At the same time, I enjoy reading interconnected stories, and I write the same way, so for those of you who are reading all my books in order, expect some surprise appearances from other cast members along the way!


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Saved by the Cowboy


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*Alpha Cowboy
*Curvy Woman
*Later in Life Romance

*Reverse Age Gap (Older Woman)
*Forbidden Love

*Small Town Romance


*One hour Pool Side Read

*Hot AF

*Standalone Read


My pool boy is fifteen years younger than me and should be completely off limits. Why can't I stop thinking about him?


I was the last to know my husband had traded me in for a younger model and was fooling around on me. The new pool we installed out in back didn’t give us the fresh start I hoped it would, and now my life has turned upside down. I’m a rudderless, fifty-year-old divorcee.

The only bright spot of my week is when my hot A.F. pool boy comes over. Watching Liam swagger around my yard in his swimming trunks, all broad shoulders, and muscles glistening in the sun, is better than any fantasy I could dream up. And when we talk, he makes me laugh. I swear, his visits give me life.

Did I mention Liam is fifteen years younger than me, so nothing can ever happen between us?
I guess it doesn’t matter now because once I sell the house, I’ll never see him again.


For all these months, I’ve had to hold myself back from interfering between Megan and her lying husband. Time and time again when I’d be working on their pool, I’d overhear him treating Megan like garbage. It made my blood boil.
Now that they’ve finalized their divorce, it’s my turn. This is my chance to treat her like the dynamic, drop dead gorgeous, curvy stunner she is.

Once I finally claim Megan, she’ll believe me when I tell her that age is just a number, and nothing will stop me from making her mine forever.

Saved by the Cowboy Pool Boy is a short, sweet, rough, and dirty cowboy-loves-his-curvy woman, reverse age-gap romance. The story is a perfect length for when you’re craving a romantic escape on a short flight, while lounging by the pool, or just before bed. So, grab the reins, and start your quickie with this sexy cowboy!



Exclusive, unedited excerpt. (Subject to Change)

Copyright ©AdrianaFrench



My ex is coming by this afternoon. Robert didn’t tell me why, but my guess is he wants to try to bully me into putting the house on the market again. I decide to use the hours I have before he ruins my day to enjoy my beautiful yard.




With my bright yellow tankini on under my caftan, I refill my lemonade and head out the sparkling glass doors to my new lounger. It’s warm today with a crystal blue Montana sky, and my yard looks like a resort. The flowering shrubs I planted a year ago are finally taking root and flourishing.

I smile, shrugging out of my coverup before plunking into the warm plush cushions.


   Ahh, this is the life. I sip my lemonade, melting into the comfort of the sun as the pool sweep sputters around the water’s edge.


   “You should’ve left that muumuu on.” Robert’s voice comes from behind, ripping me out of the serenity of the moment. “You’re too old to be wearing a two-piece,” he comments nastily, coming around to the front of my lounger. With a smart-ass smirk, he blocks my sun so I can’t ignore him.


     “You’re three hours early.”


     Robert props his hands on his hips and peers down at me. “Three hours, one hour, what does it matter? It isn’t like you work for a living.”


     Every muscle in my body tenses so much I feel like I’m about to snap. I’m so worn out from lack of sleep that tears well behind my eyes. Thank God I have my sunglasses on so Robert doesn’t get the satisfaction of knowing how much he’s hurting me. “Why are you here?”


     “I called Elenore and arranged a walk-through.”


     I bite my lip and count to ten so I don’t scream. Elenore Powell is one of the most successful realtors in our area. We’ve discussed the possibility of her selling our home too many times to count, and I’ve never once agreed. “I’m not selling the house Robert. You’ve already ruined our marriage and humiliated me. You’re not throwing me out on the street too.” He knows this is my sanctuary and how much I need to be in a safe place right now.


     He’s pulled the rug out from under me. Everything I knew of the past three decades has been turned upside down. Can’t he just leave me be for a while?  


     “I don’t know why we have to put off the inevitable.”


     “Because I asked?” I snarl up at him. “The ink is barely dry on our divorce papers. Couldn’t you just throw me a goddamned bone and at the very least give me a little time to find my footing?”


     Robert lets out a long, frustrated sigh and paces the patio. He shakes his head and turns. “And just how much time do you intend to take while I foot the bill for two mortgages?”


     “It isn’t my fault you have to pay for two houses. That’s on you.” I don’t bring up his new girlfriend and how she’s been racking up charges on his credit card like a fiend. When our finances were co-mingled, I also suffered the consequences of her spending sprees. She spent money I should’ve been awarded in our settlement, but I’ll save that argument for another day.


     “What do you expect me to do while you sit on your fat ass and sip lemonade?” His words sting. I’m speechless as the metal latch on the side gate jiggles. Robert shuts his trap while peering behind me, and I turn just in time to see Liam enter the yard.


     Every bit of stress from Robert transforms into a delightful tingle of warmth. Liam’s here. He came. Tall and muscular, he shoots me a white teeth smile made for the movies. “Hope I’m not interrupting. I wanted to check the jets in the spa, make sure they’re working correctly. Is it still making that funny noise you mentioned?” He strides to the back of the yard.


     I grin because I can’t help staring at his gorgeous backside—orange shorts today—and he doesn’t have a shirt on. Now I have plenty of fuel for my next X-rated fantasy with him. “I think it’s better now,” I call out, not reminding him that he forgot he already fixed the jets last week. “I used the hot tub last night and didn’t hear that metallic hum.” But you sure do have a way of making my insides hum…


     Liam turns to me and nods. “I’ll just take a quick look.”


     “Thanks.” I send him a smile.


     “Hello.” Robert snaps his fingers. “Up here.” Snap. Snap. Snap. He points to his eyes as if somehow, I was able to forget he’s standing in front of me. “We were having a discussion.”


     I sigh, blinking up at him, giving him every bit of my attention the way I did for twenty-eight years, and it still didn’t make a damn bit of difference. He screwed around on me anyway. “The discussion is over,” I level. “I’m not ready to sell.”


     “Then when?”


     The roar of the spa jets gurgle into gear from behind me. I stop myself from stealing a peek at Liam and zero in on Robert. “How about when I’m damned good and ready.”


     “I’m not made of money, you know.”


     “Then you might want to put your new girlfriend on a budget.” I add a sneer for good measure, but the insult flies over his head because Robert isn’t listening. In order to insult someone, they have to at least acknowledge your presence. He checks his phone with his signature secretive, cheater-ass glint in his eyes.


     Robert catches me observing and quickly shoves the cell back in his pocket. “I don’t have time for this nonsense. The sooner we can unload this property, the better off we’ll both be. Okay, buttercup?” He unconsciously grabs my foot, and I flinch, tempted to kick him in the nuts. “Give it some thought.”


     With that, Robert hurries out of the yard. When I hear the latch clank and the side gate close, I finally relax my shoulders and settle back into the cushions.


     Liam turns the spa off, and the yard goes quiet. Now, where were we?

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