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Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild:
Wild Side

Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild - 4

Wild Side Adriana French Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild

The road can be a lonely place for Billionaire Country Star Rhett Parker. Buckle bunnies and nameless faces will only get this growly cowboy so far—He’s craving the only woman who satisfies his Wild Side.

One year ago, I met Karina and I haven’t been the same since she left. All the women throwing their panties at me on stage, don’t mean a thing. I want her. People would think I’m crazy because we only spent a weekend together, but after a year of trying to get her out of my head, I know she’s the one.

So, when she showed up out-of-the-blue backstage at one of my concerts, I couldn’t let her go. I convinced her to stay on the bus with me and travel to my next stop. Now, I’ve fallen even deeper for her, but Karina has no idea what I’ve done.

In my desperation, I tried to find someone who could make me feel the way Karina did. Unfortunately, that mistake has come back to bite me in the ass. The video of my said ass, and other things is now streaming on every social media site imaginable and an unbalanced stalker is spreading wild rumors. When she threatens Karina, my world stops.

Yes, Karina knows my wild side all too well, just as I know hers, but we’re beyond that now. It’s her wild love I’m after, for the rest of my life.

Saddle up, Sugar. A new breed of cowboy-cavemen is here. Why be only dirty and filthy rich when you can be wild too? Rhett is the next Parker brother to meet in the irresistibly naughty Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild Series of standalone reads.

Expect high heat, coarse language, and an over-the-top plot. Hold on tight to the reins, Rhett's about to show you his Wild Side! Happily Ever After Guaranteed


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