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About Vampire Ranch...

Sexy Vampire Romance

Vampire Ranch is an ongoing serial currently on hiatus.  

Click here for Vampire Ranch Novella One

Click here for Vampire Ranch Novella Two

Click her for the audiobook of Vampire Ranch Novella One


I've been dreaming about writing this steamy romance for years! Because this is deeply layered story, (with so many possibilities), I decided the episodic format would be the very best way to release this epic saga.  Get ready to meet some unforgettable, deliciously sexy alpha heroes!  All the vampires on Vampire Ranch used horses as transportation when they were humans. 

If you're on Radish, the Adriana French page is here (***If you're unfamiliar with me on Radish, please note the Alpha Billionaire stories on my Radish page are titled differently, but they are my Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild Stories.)

 Click here for the blurb, and exclusive teasers for Vampire Ranch!


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