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Wild Ride ~The Wild Wests Boxed Set
"Ultimate Cowboy Fantasy"  1-4

WILD WEST BOXED SET-Adriana French (1).jpg

“Ultimate Cowboy Fantasy” ~FOUR BOOK BOXED SET~

“If this is an example of Adriana’s future work, I will gladly be her #1 fan.”

“The best steamy cowboy books of the year.”


This Four Book Collection includes never-before-released BONUS SCENES for each book!


Saddle up, Sugar. Get ready to meet your next favorite cowboy-caveman. The Wild West Brothers are Here! Expect humor, coarse language, graphic, steamy situations, and instalove romance galore!

No Cheating. No Cliffhangers. Epic Happily Ever Afters.


RIDE ‘EM HARD – Spicy Enemies to Lovers Romance - Chase West – Movie Star Cowboy gone rogue.

When Montana bad boy Chase West sets his mind on something, he gets it. When he finds Lexi Parker snooping on his ranch, his mind (and everything else) is set on her.

Lexi, sent on a fool’s errand to convince Chase to go back to Hollywood and start filming again, has no idea what she’s in for.

Chase has Lexi so hot and confused she doesn’t know what she wants. And if she did, she’d be too embarrassed to tell him.

Luckily for her, Chase knows exactly what she needs, and he’s going to give her the ride of her life, over and over again.


EASY RIDERSpicy Second Chance Romance – Ryder West – Rodeo Star- Lady Whisperer

Ryder West is known around these parts as Easy Rider, the best man to break a stallion and turn him into an easy ride. But the ladies love his prowess in the saddle for an entirely different reason, and Ryder’s happy to oblige.

Life gets a little complicated for Ryder when the one that got away returns. Emma Lockhart has his blood pumping heat again, and oh, Ryder’s happy to give her ride after ride, but this time the ride won’t be so easy. Once he gets her in his saddle again, he never wants her to leave.


LONG HARD RIDESpicy Arranged Marriage Romance – Shane West – Rancher-The One that always gets away.

Shane West is known around these parts as one that got away. Oh, he’s happy to take the ladies on long rides night after night, just as long as there’s no commitment. With his piercing blue eyes, and unflinching stare, he’s a man of few regrets, and no strings.

Until now.

Shane shouldn’t have promised Chuck he’d protect his property and keep his granddaughter safe from her devious boyfriend. But Shane’s loyal to the core, and Chuck was on his deathbed. Six months of wedlock seemed like an easy tradeoff to let the man Shane considered a father pass away in peace.

Now Shane’s got an unbroke filly on his hands.

How long will he be able to control himself around the prettiest woman he’s ever seen? She’s prancing around the house in skimpy outfits, begging him to take her V-Card.

Oh, he’ll take it alright. And once he does, he’ll never want to let her go.


FORBIDDEN RIDESpicy Enemies to Lovers – Secret Identity – Jenny West- Only girl/Single Mom

Single mom Jenny West can’t remember the last time she had any time to herself. She adores her three kids and loves being their mom, but she sure wouldn’t mind finding a man who’d make her feel like a woman again. Boy, does she find him.

After her car hurtles down an embankment in a snowstorm, she couldn’t imagine a sexier stranger to come to her rescue. And when the tall, built-for-lovin’-all-night cowboy throws Jenny over his shoulder and drags her back to his cabin, he heals her in ways she could never imagine.

It takes her a while to get over the fact that he’s younger. But Jenny has another big surprise coming.

William is crazy about this beautiful woman. Now that he’s found her, he doesn’t want to let her go.

He sure isn’t about to tell her his real last name. In fact, if her brothers find out who he really is, they just might run him out of town, or worse...

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