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The Curvy Girl's Firefighter

Cowboys Love Curvy Girls  - 5


Turns out, the curvy woman of my dreams is my boss’s daughter, but there's no turning back now. I’ll move heaven and earth to claim her as mine forever.

I wasn’t expecting to find her with green goo all over her face, trapped on a balcony, wrapped in a towel that barely covered her butt cheeks, but I’m not complaining.

The sundress she wore on our date to the Farmers Market more than made up for it. Quinn drove me insane that day. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, and got so protective, I almost knocked her idiot ex-boyfriend out cold. Later that night, Quinn and I barely made it through her front door with our clothes on.

Now, I’ve been dreaming about her curves day in and day out— (awake dreams if you catch my drift...)
It isn’t only her body that has me falling fast, it’s her heart, her artistic talent, her gentle demeanor, the way I can be honest with her about everything. I thought she was being honest too.

But I just discovered her over-protective father just happens to be the Fire Chief of West Palomino—my new boss.
There's going to be hell to pay for going anywhere near Quinn. But I’m in love with her, and there's no turning back now. I’ll move heaven and earth to claim her as mine forever.

Rescued by the Cowboy Firefighter is a short, sweet, rough and dirty cowboy-loves-his-curvy girl romance. The story is a perfect length for when you’re craving a romantic escape on a short flight, while lounging by the pool, or just before bed. So grab the reins, and start your quickie with this sexy cowboy!

*No Cliffhangers *No cheating. *Happily ever after guaranteed. (All my stories are complete standalone reads, but are interconnected to my main Wild West Montana Cowboy World.)

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