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Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild:
Drive Me Wild 

Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild - 6

Drive me Wild Adriana French

This OTT alpha cowboy isn’t about to risk losing the bond he has with his virginal, curvy best friend. Or is he? After a surprise kiss, he’s ready to take her in his arms and prove they can go from friends to lovers.

His best friend Tiana Harmon just kissed him. Problem is, she’s the twin sister of the buddy he lost on the battlefield.

Billionaire alpha cowboy Levi Parker wasn’t born with a platinum spoon in his mouth. After years in the service, he’s battle ready. When he and his deceased best friend’s twin sister form a close bond over their grief, he doesn’t fight it. But now, she’s gone and turned his world upside down.

After that night he picked her up from the party, what was supposed to be a chaste, peck on the lips turned into a smoldering kiss from fantasyland-heaven.

He’d thought he was too scarredto feel passion again, but now, this protective alpha is obsessed. Tiana’s kiss stoked the quiet, dormant embers he hadn’t realized were still burning deep in his soul.

He’s on fire for her and there’s no turning back. He'll either lose her forever, or he’ll be kissing and loving Tiana for the rest of his life.

Saddle up, Sugar. A new breed of cowboy-cavemen is here. Why be only dirty and filthy rich when you can be WILD too? Levi is the next Parker brother to meet in the irresistibly naughty Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild Series of standalone reads.

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