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Cowboys Love Curvy Girls:
The Curvy Girl's Thankful Cowboy

Cowboys Love Curvy Girls - 2

The Curvy Girl's Thankful Cowboy_ Adriana French.png

Craving something short, steamy and sweet enough to eat?

Here’s a Thanksgiving romance starring a cowboy (caveman) hero, the curvy girl who’s always loved him, and pie.

Yes, there’s lots of delicious, juicy pie.

Let’s start with cherry.


Cherry Jackson has been in love with Jeb Johnson since high school. But there’s one big problem. Well, there’s two actually...

  1. The Johnson family is enemy number one in the small town of West Palomino. Jeb Johnson is definitely off limits to sweet, girl next door, Cherry.

  2. Jeb Johnson left Cherry high and dry after their one and only date and she hasn’t forgotten how much it stung.


But Jeb hasn’t forgotten Cherry either. He had a good reason to leave, and now he’s back to pick up where they left off.

He’s been stopping in at her family’s pie shop three times a week. She thinks he has a sweet tooth.

But it’s only Cherry’s pie Jeb loves...

If he has it his way, he’ll eat it for the rest of his life.

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