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The Curvy Girl's Hot Cowboy Summer

Cowboys Love Curvy Girls -4

Adriana French - The Curvy Girl's Hot Cowboy Summer

A mix up with accommodations leaves a grumpy cowboy and a curvy bombshell stranded at their friend’s ranch resort wedding on the Santa Barbara Coast.

I’d given up on ever finding another woman to share my life with. When Amanda died, my world ended too. But the work on my family’s Montana ranch leaves me too exhausted to waste time reminiscing about what might’ve been.

Even though I’ve soured on love, I didn't have the heart to turn down the invitation to my buddy’s destination wedding in California.

To say I was surprised when I discovered I wasn’t alone in my seaside cottage, is putting it mildly.

One look at Sophia’s curves in that short little nighty was enough to make my head spin. I won’t even mention what I was tempted to do to her the next day on a public beach. Let’s just say slathering that suntan lotion on her luscious body put me over the edge.

I’m not the kind of man to kiss and tell, so don’t expect me to divulge what we did during the rehearsal dinner.
I’ll let you find that out for yourself.

One thing is for sure though, when the time comes for us to head back home to Montana, if I have it my way, Sophia will be mine forever.

Hot Cowboy Summer is a short, sweet and steamy, cowboy-loves-his-curvy girl romance. The story is a perfect length for when you’re craving a satisfyingly romantic escape during a flight, while lounging by the pool, or just before bed.
*Standalone Read. *Happily ever after guaranteed.


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