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The Wild Wests: Long Hard Ride

The Wild Wests - 3

Long Hard Ride Adriana French The Wild Wests

Shane West is known around these parts as one that got away. Oh, he’s happy to take the ladies on long rides night after night, just as long as there’s no commitment. With his piercing blue eyes, and unflinching stare, he’s a man of few regrets, and no strings.

Until now.

Shane shouldn’t have promised Chuck he’d protect his property and keep his granddaughter safe from her devious boyfriend. But Shane’s loyal to the core, and Chuck was on his deathbed. Six months of wedlock seemed like an easy tradeoff to let the man Shane considered a father pass away in peace.

Now Shane’s got an unbroke filly on his hands and now, he's one obsessed cowboy.

How long will this alpha cowboy be able to control himself around the prettiest woman he’s ever seen? She’s prancing around the house in skimpy outfits, begging him to take her V-Card.

Oh, he’ll take it alright.

And once he does, he’ll never want to let her go.

Saddle up, Sugar. The cowboy-cavemen are back. Shane West is an obsessed Alpha hero to the nth degree. Expect high heat, love at first sight, and an over the top, V-card, arranged marriage plot.

No cheating. Happily ever after guaranteed.
Grab the reins, let’s saddle up with Long Hard Ride!

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