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The Wild Wests: Forbidden Ride

The Wild Wests - 4

Forbidden Ride Adriana French The Wild Westss

Single mom Jenny West can’t remember the last time she had any time to herself. She adores her three kids and loves being their mom, but she sure wouldn’t mind finding a man who’d make her feel like a woman again.

Boy, does she find him.

After her car hurtles down an embankment in a snowstorm, she couldn’t imagine a sexier stranger to come to her rescue. And when the tall, built-for-lovin’-all-night cowboy throws Jenny over his shoulder and drags her back to his cabin, he heals her in ways she could never imagine.

It takes her a while to get over the fact that he’s younger. But Jenny has another big surprise coming.

William is crazy about this beautiful woman. Now that he’s found her, he doesn’t want to let her go.

He sure isn’t about to tell her his real last name. In fact, if her brothers find out who he really is, they just might run him out of town, or worse...

Saddle up, Sugar. There’s a new cowboy-caveman in town! The mysterious William is a panty-melting, possessive alpha male to the nth degree!


Grab the reins, grab the book, and saddle up with Forbidden Ride.
Standalone Read. No Cheating. Toe Curling Happily Ever After Guaranteed.

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