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Cowboys Love Curvy Girls:
The Curvy Girl's Cowboy Treat

Cowboys Love Curvy Girls - 1

The Curvy Girl's Cowboy Treat

She's dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween... Guess who'll be the big, bad, wolf?

I'm obsessed with Morgan Duncan.

The sweet, curvy little bombshell has me wrapped around her fingers, and I'd get down on my knees to satisfy her every need.

The problem is, she's my sister's best friend and sees me as off limits. Morgan gets so nervous around me, she can barely look me in the eye.

But that's about to change.

It's Halloween.

When I put that mask on tonight, Morgan won't know who I am.

She'll finally let her guard down and we'll let our chemistry take it from there.

After that, the sky's the limit. If I have it my way that curvy girl of my dreams will be mine forever.


If you love hot, sweet short romances, love scenes, and cowboy insta love, this sexy treat is for you!

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