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Happy June, my fellow Hot. A.F. Alpha Cowboy Lovers!

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I also have a FREE Sneak Peek from my upcoming book WILD THING, (age gap, single dad, nanny, widower, billionaire, hot af cowboy) an excerpt from WILD FOR HER, and a new batch of sexy af teasers!


Thank you so much for being here! We're days away from the next release in my latest series of standalone reads, Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild!

*If I’m a new to you, I write standalone reads, so you can pick up any one of my books, in any order, and read away! Each complete story centers around one couple’s romance and their happily ever after.

At the same time, I enjoy reading interconnected stories, and I write the same way, so for those of you reading all my books expect some surprise appearances from other cast members along the way!


New Wild Thing teasers are here!
Web Wild Thing Teaser- Adriana
Web Teaser -Wild Thing.png

Billionaire Cowboy Houston Parker needs a nanny, but wasn’t expecting to find someone so sweet and young—Someone who tempts him to cross a forbidden line.

With every innocent stare, every swipe of the lips with her pink tongue, this wild thing tempts me to cross the line into forbidden territory. I knew Nicolette’s father; she knew my dead wife. I promised to watch over her, but not like this…

This live-in situation is too much for me take. I don’t know how long I can hold back with Nicolette living under my roof.

As the CFO of Parker Enterprises, I have a reputation to protect. Throwing it all out the window just so I can have my way with a sexy little thing ten years younger than me should be out of the question.
Unfortunately for me the only question running through my brain is what will I do to her first when I finally have her in my arms?

Saddle up, Sugar. A new breed of cowboy-cavemen is here. They’re dirty and filthy rich. Houston Parker is an alpha male to the nth degree and another Parker brother to meet in the Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild Series of standalone reads._
Expect humor, coarse language, graphic and steamy situations, and insta-love. No cheating and a happily ever after

Tropes: Billionaire romance, OTT, forbidden love, age gap, single dad, widower, forced proximity, instalove, western romance, cowboy romance, bad boys, hot brothers, Montana romance, small town romance, steamy!

Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild
WILD FOR HER (Book #1)
Now Available! *Standalone Read*


“You knew, didn’t you?” he asks sharply, spinning to face me.




He purses his lips and gives me an unmoving stare under the brim of his hat. “Be honest. You knew exactly who I was last night.”


What is that supposed to mean? I frown, resenting his accusatory tone. What kind of woman does he think I am? “Do you honestly think I’d sleep”—I lower my voice even though there isn’t a soul nearby—“with a client? Of course I didn’t know.”


“Huh.” He smirks.


“I said no. Trust me, if I’d known you were part of this deal, last night wouldn’t have happened.”


“I highly doubt that.” His naughty gaze rakes over me. He’s almost too good-looking and he knows it. “You wouldn’t have taken no for an answer. Couldn’t have avoided you if I tried.” He lets out a cocky laugh and lifts the suitcase, pointing with it to the trailer on the left. “You’re in that one.”


“Hey, did you hear me, cowboy?” Blade swivels back to me. “I had no idea who you were. Believe me, I’m just as freaked out about this as you are.”


“I never said I was freaked out. I just want to know who I’m dealing with here.” He smiles, and now I have no idea what’s running through that filthy brain of his.


I fold my arms. “You’re dealing with a highly trained professional who only has the best interests of your family in mind.”


“That so?”


I adamantly nod. “Yes. And as far as that other stuff—”


“Other stuff?” He licks his lips with amusement.


“You know damn well what I’m referring to. Anyway, don’t worry. I can assure you it won’t happen again. From here on out, our relationship will be strictly professional.”


He grins. “Whatever you say, darlin’.” His deep, growly voice makes butterflies swarm inside my belly and lower. “Although you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.” He chuckles and opens the door.


I’m speechless. What does he have, X-ray vision? Does he know what the mere proximity of him is doing to my body right this second? The nerve.


“Some people have to work for a living, Blade. My job is on the line here. Not everyone spends their time idolizing every Parker on the planet, you know. I just thought you were some hot cowboy coming in from the range for a drink. How the heck would I know who you were?”


“Hot, huh?”


I gasp. “You haven’t heard a word I said, have you?”



Saddle up, Sugar. A new breed of cowboy-cavemen is here. They’re dirty and filthy rich. Blade Parker is an alpha male to the nth degree and the first Parker brother to meet in the Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild Series.



Tropes: Billionaire romance, OTT, one night stand, fish out of water, forced proximity, instalove, western romance, cowboy romance, bad boys, hot brothers, Montana romance, small town romance, steamy!



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Adriana French-Wild Ride Free on Kindle
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Adriana French Wild Thing

WILD THING (Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild #2)
Copyright 2021 Adriana French
All Rights Reserved

Chapter One (Part One) Unedited *Subject to change.

The sun beats down on my Stetson making sweat bead on my forehead. I search the crowded party for a dirty dish, a half-filled glass, something, anything to distract my mother from her current obsession. But it’s no use.

Once Loretta Parker sets her mind on something, she’s like a dog with a bone and won’t let go. “Well, I think this is a perfect plan.” She folds her arms with a devious grin, and leans to one side, zeroing in on her new pet project, Nicolette Bowman. 


Mom sees a potential nanny for my three-year-old daughter Mirabella, but all I see is the kind of temptation that will send me straight to hell.

My family adored Nicolette’s father Billy, and since he passed, my mother has jumped on every opportunity to invite her over to Casa De Estrella, our family estate just outside of Dallas.


I haven’t been the same since I saw Nicolette in that white bikini yesterday. I was so fixated on the sight of her in that tiny wet bathing suit clinging to every curve and ripe raspberry bump, I couldn’t think straight.


“Don’t you think she’s a little young?”


“For what?” Mom eyes me suspiciously and I manage to keep a straight face. Shit. How is she still able to read my mind?


“I don’t know,” I balk. “Just young. Hell, she’s only twenty-one. She can find a better job than being tied down to a three-year-old.”


“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Mom tucks a strand of silver hair into her bun. Her sparkly caftan’s sleeves flutter in the breeze. “Look,” she states pointedly. “We promised Billy if anything happened to him over in Afghanistan we would look after Nicolette. She’s been holed up on that old goat ranch by herself. She needs a job and you happen to need a nanny.”

“It’s that simple, huh?”


“It could be.” Mom turns to meet my eye. “It wouldn’t hurt to give Nicolette a trial run. Mrs. White told you flat out she’s retiring soon.”

Unfortunately, she has a point. Belle’s current nanny is only temporary. I rub the back of my neck, feeling the knots tighten. I can’t imagine how hard life must be for Nicolette without her dad. Her mom passed when she was young and she doesn’t have any family.

“She’s vulnerable, Houston. We don’t want anyone swooping in and taking advantage of her.”

I narrow my eyes, watching Nicolette weave through a crowd of admiring stares. “Is she hanging out with the wrong crowd? Is someone bothering her? Has she said something to you?”

“No, no,” mom pats my arm. “Nothing like that.”

Nicolette disappears into the crowd and I angle my head, keeping an eye on her. The thought of any man touching her makes my blood boil. I might not be able to be with her, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can.

“Nicolette,” Mom beckons her over from the jam-packed buffet table. “Do you have a sec?”

Eyes the color of green wheat dart from across the patio. My chest hammers when they lock on mine. Nicolette grins and sets the serving spoon down.

“She was probably hungry,” I grumble under my breath, gearing up for the pending party in my pants.

“Sure,” she calls out with a pretty smile. “Be right there.” Nicolette says something to the woman beside her and strolls to us.

Now, stepping out of the shaded tent, her hair shines like golden honey in the sun. Holy hell. I remind myself to keep it together. She might be a tiny little thing, but her long, graceful legs glide over the slate grey patio like she’s walking on air. Shoulders back, chin high, she makes every man in her vicinity snap their neck for a better look.

Her white jeans fit like a second skin over her perfect round ass and I’m convinced that sheer blouse was made to bring me to my knees. Is she wearing anything at all underneath? I swallow thickly, searching high breasts for points.

It’s been so long since I’ve been attracted to anyone, it’s pathetic. Texas Spectator Magazine just named me this year’s most eligible bachelor. If they knew I’ve only been out on exactly one coffee date in the past two years, they’d take their dubious honor back in a heartbeat.

What can I say? I’m picky. 

“Hey, Mrs. Parker.” Nicolette greets us smiling with a bounce in her step, all sweetness and light. “Hey Houston.”

“Good to see you, Nicolette. You’re looking well.”

“Anything is an improvement since you saw me at the funeral,” she purses her lips. I’m not about to point out that I saw her nipples up close and personal poking out of her bathing suit yesterday. I was so stunned by her appearance; I didn’t stick around long enough to say hi. “Call me Nikki, Houston. Everybody does.”

“But I’m not everybody, now, am I? And I’ve never called you Nikki.” The words fly out of my mouth before I have a chance to think.

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